Package Day! Cards and a Koala

What’s this?! A box of goodies!!
My cards and labels and stickers arrived!20121029-181948.jpg
I even have gift tags for packages.20121029-181957.jpg
I am in 2 craft bazaars this year. My first ones and I am so super excited.

The first one is at my church Blue Ridge Church of Christ on Nov 17th.

I am also going to be in Art for Gifts at the RR Smith Center all the way through the end of December.

If you live in or around Staunton, VA you should definitely come by!!

I’ll also be doing chair massages on the 17th.

20121029-182004.jpgThank you to Carolyn Rice from She sent me this adorable koala hat. It’s perfect for this Hurricane Sandy weather.20121029-182010.jpg
**did you know that Hurricane Sandy is officially the largest tropical cyclone ever?! Woah. Stay safe!!
Lemme know in the comments how you are keeping warm….


Let me know what you think! Leave a comment :D

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