Who Am I, Today?

20121114-221355.jpgWho Am I?
I’m Joy.
I’m from Staunton, Virginia and today I am a massage therapist, collage designer.
I’m an eccentric hippie, art model currently studying geology and world literature.
I have two cats,

I have a great mom,
20121114-221428.jpgand an awesome partner in crime whom I love very much.
(He was the cutest kid in the history of ever.)

I help people feel happier and healthier. I surprise people with batches of brownies and care packages and funny cards.
I work from my home and I do massages in my living room, outside on my porch, or in other people’s homes.

I am happy. 20121114-221721.jpg


Let me know what you think! Leave a comment :D

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