Projects! Events!

20121115-105822.jpgI finished my sign!

Right now I am gearing up for my first 2 crafts fairs.

The RR Smith Center opening is on Friday night. My cards will be on sale there through December 31st.
20121115-110012.jpgI've been volunteering to help set everything up.
20121115-110021.jpgHanging stars with a new friend!

The BRCC Bazaar is Saturday morning (November 17th) from 9-2.
I’ll be selling my cards and doing chair massages all morning :)
I have been having fun setting up table displays!!
My friend Melissa will be selling these super awesome bracelets, at my table, too. I like to wear them all at once!

I am so excited to be getting my stuff out into the world!

After the 18th, I will begin helping out at Rule Forty Two. I will be providing chair massages there for Stress-Free Shopping :)



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