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Um,shark socks. I need these in my life.

This may be the best article ever written. Seriously.

    …. The people who need you will eventually find you – the real you.

    Be the leader of your own journey. –
    There are far too many capable people who don’t pursue their dreams and goals because they let their fears and others talk them out of it.

    Choose to do the things in life that move you. Let others lead small lives. Let others argue over small things. Let others cry over small wounds. Let others leave their future in someone else’s hands. But not you.

    ….Start now. What a disgrace it would be for you to grow old without ever seeing the beauty and strength of your full potential.

    ….Pay attention to life while you’re living it. – Realize that life is simply a collection of little chances for happiness, each lived one second at a time.

    Share your love openly and honestly with those you love. – No matter what, you’re going to lose people in your life.

    Realize that no matter how much time you spend with someone, or how much you appreciate them, sometimes it will never seem like you had enough time together.

    Don’t learn this lesson the hard way. Express your love. Tell people what you need to tell them.

    Don’t shy away from important conversations because you feel awkward or uncomfortable. You never know when you might lose your opportunity.

I just found this easy way to help after Hurricane Sandy. Seems like such a fantastic idea!

This is fantastic relationship advice! I love how she tells it like it is: as all friends should.

Of course, as an artisan, I am all for buying handmade gifts. Reasons 5, 6, &7 are my favorites.

If you are, um, looking for some cool cards or mini art prints you know where you can find me. 😉


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