Stickers!! Part 1

**Please refer to this stickers page as it’s much less messy! Thank you 😉**

Starting November 23rd I will have my stickers for sale.

My stickers are now for sale!

I have 32 super awesome designs.
They are
2 for $5 and
5 for $10

They are limited!! I only have 43 stickers!
First come, first served!

I will keep this page updated so you can see which designs are available.

To purchase go to my ArtisticDrama etsy site

Christmas Stickers
The Habit of Giving: Walt Whitman Quote (1SOLD OUT)
Cool Mix (SOLD OUT)
Joy Unwrapped (1SOLD OUT)

For Book Lovers
Alternative to Boring (SOLD OUT)
For Your Peace of Mind (SOLD OUT)
Montesquieu Quote: An Hour of Reading Solves Everything (SOLD OUT)

Stickers to Say Thank You20121120-163448.jpg
A Simple Thank You (2 1)
Be Gracious (2 1)

….more designs coming in my next blog post!


2 thoughts on “Stickers!! Part 1

    1. Thank you so much for your comment :) “textures”is a great word!!
      I still have 9 left and I they are a bit cheaper for December.
      So much fun. I will definitely be making more in the future.

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