Stickers!! Part 3

More stickers to choose from!!

Stickers for Colorful Nature Lovers20121120-175657.jpg
Make It Obvious (SOLD OUT) 20121120-175710.jpg
Life is Beautiful (1 SOLD OUT)20121120-175703.jpg
Beauty Has Its Reasons (2 1)20121120-175717.jpg
Natural Beauty (Great for mothers!!) (SOLD OUT)

The Bohemian Life is the Good Life20121120-175733.jpgWild Child (2 1)

20121120-175753.jpgTiptoe Through the Daisies (SOLD OUT)

20121120-175745.jpgGo Into Nature (SOLD OUT)

20121120-175739.jpgThe Pace of Nature (2 1)

Life is Sweet (SOLD OUT)

Don’t panic! There’s one more page of stickers to choose from! See the previous 2 pages here and here.


Let me know what you think! Leave a comment :D

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