Mi Guapita, Erika, turns 28


Today my best girl friend, Erika, turns 28.

I met Eri at massage school.

During orientation we had to introduce ourselves to the class and I heard a beautiful voice behind me say,

“I’m Erika. I am from Spain. I don’t speak much English.”

Oh, my heart. I had just been to Spain earlier that year and I was so excited to meet her!! I love Spanish people.

We became inseparable. Trigger Point buddies. We studied outside together under a big tree and we talked and I helped her with her English. And we laughed so much.

We took long walks every break, laughed so much, and sat next to each other every day. When we had to pick partners we always chose each other. She was the very best study partner, ever. I wouldn’t have made it through school without her.


She is such a smart girl. She speaks English wonderfully now. And she is a fantastic massage therapist in Northern, VA.


Today I wish mi Guapita a beautiful birthday.

I miss your cold little fingers and your amazing massages. I miss your funny sense of humor and eating with you outside across from the school. I miss your beautiful accent and your funny faces.

I miss bundling up in the cold with you while you smoked and tried to give up smoking. I miss eating at “the Greek” and “the Indian” with you.


I miss dancing with you and drinking sangria.

Remember last year’s birthday when Chase and I went to the store and bought a million balloons for you and tied them to your chair? Remember you took me out to linch at the Greek and we ate dolmas and spinach pie? Remember your first root beer float?!


I miss you, my darling. Come visit me, soon!!!!

I can’t wait to travel with you. Hopefully next year!!

You are beautiful and I am so eternally proud of you. Take care of yourself.

Besos (millions of ’em),


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