Working for Myself

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How Did I Decide To Work For Myself?

I got to a point where I decided I had had enough of working for other people. I am very independent and I wanted to work for myself. I have lots of things I love to do so I made a list, picked a few and saw how they could be connected.

At first I wanted to make and sell baked goods but then I realized I didn't really like baking, haha ;)

After losing a few jobs for reasons out if my control in the slumping economy, I realized that working for myself was something that needed to happen. Working as a manager in a tea shop and an ice creams shop, I had observed that I would be fully capable as a business owner.

Working as a barista and during the super busy sale season at a high-end retail shop, I noticed that I thrive in situations when I have a lot going on at once with a lot of decisions needing to be made. I am a multitasking maverick.

I opened my card shop on Etsy and printed my very first cards. It was so invigorating doing something new.

Around the same time, I took a yoga class with a woman who was studying massage therapy. A lightbulb went off. Hello!! That sounded like a brilliant career.

I researched massage schools and found one in Charlottesville. In a whirlwind I got signed up and began classes. I met some fantastic people and enjoyed my classes so much, I knew it was the right fit for me.

Having goals written down helped so much. It’s almost as though writing them down helped them happen because everything shot off the ground so fast.

Now I am my own boss. And my business is beginning to soar because I believe in it. I think your own personal mindset is so important to helping your business thrive. If you believe in what you are doing and you seek to do your very best, other people will support you and believe in you, too.

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