Thankful Thursday, December 6th

Because I was a little depressed & very busy I wasn’t taking any pictures for a while.

I’m feeling much better now and I haven’t stopped being grateful.

(In fact, I think it's even more important to be grateful when you are feeling sad.)

These are the things I am grateful for:

*Toys for Tots and Dawn’s shop: Rule Forty Two
*Morning walks with Melissa
*Scale models of Staunton made of gingerbread

*Biscotti at Sunrise
*My mom who was in a car crash and survived, thank God
*Discovering a walking path

*Secret Santa
*Walking with my mom
*Playing with light (inspired by my photo-shoot with M.Cai

*Fun with Amanda
*Biscotti cat
*Blueberry pie
We celebrated my Grandmas 76th birthday on the 4th by going to listen to some awesome R&B Christmas music.
R&B, old style: Louis Armstrong, Eartha Kitt.
(Maybe I will make you a playlist!)
We did the twist together ☺

I was featured on MissMalaprop!
T writes me the best notes.20121206-092658.jpg
And collage I designed. (I needed this reminder this week.) 20121206-094420.jpg
This cute lady is my momma. I love her so much and I am so thankful she is alive.


2 thoughts on “Thankful Thursday, December 6th

  1. Fantastic post =) Is M. Cai Melissa Cai? I believe she went to Lee High school with Josh! I saw some of her photography once a long time ago on myspace.

    “Chin up!”
    – Charlotte A. Cavatica

    1. Yepper-doodles, Melissa Cakes. I know so many Melissas now, you remain the only one I will actually call Melissa :D M. Cai is my new photographer buddy. We’ve been emailing each other forever and finally got together to shoot. We should all be friends. Starting with the Office Party!! Please send me your available dates. All my love, Joy xoxo

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