Saturday Linkage

(My mom added: "kiss as though you have no feet." She's weird and funny and I love her.)

*Oh man. I loved this snarky Funny Honest Trailer for the Twilight films. I mean, good on you if you actually enjoyed those movies but I don’t understand how you could. All that damn pausing!!

20121206-082844.jpg(Good guy, Bon Jovi. Who knew? What a wonderful idea!!)

*My partner in crime and I adore red pandas and if you’ve never seen one, you have to check em out. this gif of a surprised red panda made me laugh so hard. I watched it like 15 times in a row.

*Another riff on the Twilight movies: Bad Lip Reading: New Moon.

*Melbourne Metro made this super cute video: Dumb Ways To Die . It’s adorable and gruesome and catchy :D

*This Dress Like A President GIF is phenomenal. Her expression is priceless.

*This article on Creating Your Own Opportunities is wonderful. Everyone should read it.

Don’t mope, moan or complain. Just do it. If you’re forever frozen because you’re scared of what bad things might happen – you’ll never get anything done.

Oh, Eartha Kitt. How I love you. Wantcha Around by Eartha Kitt.

Some silly pictures:

My Christmas ad for my shop. (*remember I have only 9 stickers left!!)



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