Saturday Linkage: Restoring Our Faith in Humanity


    quote by Mother Theresa

In light of the tragedy in Connecticut, I wanted to share some links that will make you smile and hopefully restore your faith in humanity.

First, here are 21wonderful photos which promise to do just that.

And, well, 26 more of ’em, because you really can’t have too much of this kind of thing.

Also, I love this kid….

And this cat:20121215-192832.jpg


Have you been working on your computer too much lately? Try this awesome hand yoga! Such a cool video.

Birds with arms. This is ridiculous and I dunno why I love it so very much.

In case you missed meeting Brock Davis in this week’s Meet the Artist you can check him out now.

Oh, Mazzy, I love you. Your voice is beautiful. Mazzy Star–Flowers in December
Some photos to make you laugh:
((I totally do that!))

And also, just so you know:20121215-193443.jpg

Have you seen or read anything wonderful lately? Please share it in the comments!


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