Kiss Cards for Connecticut Mothers

20121219-111906.jpgMassive effort to help Mothers of Connecticut children victims. Please join us.

Yesterday I was catching up on blog reading and I watched a video by Renae Christine.

She is usually this super perky chick who gives great business advice.
(check out her awesome Rich Mom Business blog here)

Anyway…. She made a video about how we can support the mothers in Connecticut.
This is the video about Kiss Cards. Please watch it.

I was so inspired by the beauty of this project. I did it right away.

I am a very tactile person so picking out those twenty pieces of paper and kissing them really made an impact on me.

It helped me realize just how many families are hurting from this.

I would pick out a stack of what I thought was 20 sheets and it wasn’t enough: I needed MORE pieces of paper. 20 is a lot.

Each of these pieces of paper represents a mother.

This is something we can DO to help.

Imagine what a beautiful gift it will be to open bags of kisses.
It will minister to these mothers.

Please kiss a hurting mother today.

Mail kiss cards to: Renae Christine | 6935 Aliante Pkwy. | Ste. #104-273 | Las Vegas, NV 89084

****Note for the men who want to help the fathers: send in 20 pieces of paper with a healing quote. That way you won’t have to put on any lipstick and can still help out. Thank you!!****

If you know of other ways to help as well, please mention them in the comments.


Let me know what you think! Leave a comment :D

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