Favorite Christmas Movies: List of of Top Ten

My Favorite Christmas Movies

1. Love Actually watch the Love Actually preview here.
Also: I want to marry Bill Nighy.

2. Scrooged watch the Scrooged preview here.
Carol Kane is just the best.

3. Elf watch the Elf preview here.
"Smiling's my favorite!"

4. Christmas Vacation watch the Christmas Vacation preview here.
Two words: Aunt Bethany.((I wanna be just like her when I am old.))

5. Gremlins watch the Gremlins trailer here. 20121224-114451.jpg
I love that the Gremlins like the movie Snow White. Also: popcorn bags on ears.


6. I Want A Dog for Chrismas
How am I just now finding out about this movie?! Rerun is the cutest kid, ever.

7. Home Alone

8. Just Friends
"Forgiveness. Is more than saying sorry." That song is so bad that it's good.

9. Shrek the Halls
Puss in Boots....

10. Nightmare Before Christmas
Great music. Lots of fun.

If you have a favorite Christmas movie I should watch: leave it in the comments!

Have a Merry Christmas, guys!!

Let me know what you think! Leave a comment :D

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