Thankful Thursday: December 27th

Things I Am Thankful for This Week:
💥Mom and I went to dinner at Linda’s (we had a lovely evening: cold artichoke soup and Pinot Grigio!)

💥Chair massages at Rule 42

💥End of the World party with Melisa and Pablo. I saw Kenton there, too! Hugs all around.

💥Hung out with Brandon at the SPCA. ((Future weekly post feature: Adopt the Animal of the Week))
–oh man, it’s therapeutic. Rubbing noses with puppies and petting kittens.

💥Pet-sitting for Ginger. Cutest dog, ever.

💥Informal Office Party with Melissa and Vanessa.
((Got to give Vanessa a mini pregnancy massage! Melissa put a stapler in jello!))

💥Talked to Melissa West again on the phone :)

💥Christmas!! A wonderful one :)
.Lunch with mom and grandma
.My secret Santa made me cry with the awesomeness of her presents.
.Christmas at my partner in crime’s house (complete with tissue paper fort)
.Christmas at Evelyn’s with play dough cookies!!

It snowed yesterday!!

Last night I finished researching yoga for insomnia and I made myself a nice dinner.

What’s the best thing that happened to you this week? Feel free to share! I always read and respond to comments :)


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