Thankful Thursday: January 3, 2013


Things I Am Thankful for December January 3, 2013
((I am having no trouble writing 2013 but I still keep writing December))

Whew. This week was long. And I haven’t been in the best mood. Too much alone time while petsitting.
Also, I am a bachelorette gone wrong (i.e. I kinda lived mostly on cream cheese and tortilla chips for the last week)

🐼Ginger the dog is the cutest dog in the universe and we had a good time together

🐼Went to see Les Mis with my mom and well…. It was alright. Not a fan of Hugh Jackman, sorry. But, Anne Hathaway was fantastic and so was Russell Crowe. Wowzers.

🐼Went to a new cupcake shop with my mom: A Little Something Sweet in Waynesboro. Super cute and affordable!

🐼I took a bath. A real one. And wow, baths are sexy when they actually are warm and cover your entire body. I had forgotten.

🐼On Sunday grandma, mom and I had lunch together and grandma told me cool stories. And we played a new game: Farkle. I love playing games. Also: I won 😺

🐼I wrote out goals for 2013 (I adore making lists of goals)

🐼I decided on a word for the year: OUTWARD

🐼Dancing to the Findells and having fun for New Years with Becca.

🐼Getting to see Carol and Emily!! Best surprise.

🐼We all toasted the new year with a free glass of champagne and happiness all around.
(My plan B was just staying home, lighting a candle, and having another bath….)

🐼Becca and I then had a most excellent adventure of being stranded for the rest of the morning. Thankfully she owns Turtle Lane on Beverly Street now so we ended up sleeping on the floor upstairs. Yay, new memories!! 😸

🐼spent almost the whole first day of 2013 sleeping.

🐼And now I am home. And so happy to be home.

🐼Picked up the rest of my inventory from the RR Smith Center and I sold stuff! So happy.

🐼Went to dinner at Mockingbird with mom last night. Best creme brûlée of my life.
I have dates there every day this week as it is CLOSING on Sunday. Go there NOW. Free music every night till it closes.
((So sad….it’s my favorite. Everything they do there is perfection.))

Here’s to 2013 and Outward and another week!!

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