FAQ About A Year of Massage 2013


Hello, again from Staunton, Virginia’s massage therapist!

Hooray for Aaron London who was the first to sign up. His mom will be receiving half a year of massages and he has donated $20.40 to the staunton food bank!

Also! Hooray for Heather Underwood from dreamalittledreamphoto who signed up next!! She will be receiving a whole year of massages and has donated $40.80 to the Valley Mission in Staunton.

FAQs About A Year of Massage 2013
If you read my previous post you know that I had a caffeinated dream after lying in bed with a migraine all day:

A year of affordable massage for women willing to make a commitment to their health.

Here are the questions I got right away:

What is the difference in massage prices?
All three prices are for a year. And I always give my best during a massage. The difference in prices is how much goes to charity and how much you can afford to pay. For 12 months of massage at $65/hour (my usual rate) it would cost $780.

What charity are you donating to?
It’s your choice! Aaron chose to donate to the food bank! That’s great. So is CASA for Children, the SPCA, the library…. Anything close to your heart.

How can I pay?
You can pay via check, cash, or PayPal

Can I do just a half a year or do I have to do a whole year?
Half a year is fine!

Do you have payment plans?
Yes, up to 3 installments for half a year and up to 6 installments for a whole year.

Is there a deadline?
As soon as payment is received you will be signed up for your 6 or 12 months. If you wait till March, you will have massage a month till March 2014.
*I have now made a deadline of March 1st because I have new plans for 2014 and I don’t want anyone to miss out.

Should I Still Leave a Tip?
Always 😉

Do you have any questions? Do you live in Staunton? Are you interested? Shoot me an email: JoyBoardman@gmail.com

I can take a total of 9 more clients.

I am now doing pay-what-you-can with a minimum of $35.

For those willing to pay $45+ or $49+ i have new incentives!

For those who chose to give $45+/ month: you will receive (4)90-min massages and (8) 60-min massages

For those who choose to give $49+/month:
You will receive (6) 90-min massages and (6) 60-min massages

**regular price: $65/hour, $99/90-min session
$780 for a year of massage

At $49 you are still saving $181!!
Thank you so much!

Tell all the ladies you know. Text them, facebook them, twitter this, blog this, share this any way you can.
Lets help make massage affordable!!


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