Pay-What-You-Can for a Year of Massage


Hi! This is Staunton, Virginia’s massage therapist, again ☺

I am now doing pay-what-you-can with a minimum of $35/month for a year of massage.

I can take a total of 9 more committed clients.

For those willing to pay $45+ or $49+ i have new incentives!

For those who chose to give $45+/ month:
You will receive (4)90-min massages and (8) 60-min massages

For those who choose to give $49+/month:
You will receive (6) 90-min massages and (6) 60-min massages

**((regular price: $65/hour, $99/90-min session
$780 for a year of massage))

At $49 you are still saving $181!!
Thank you so much!

All I ask:
Tell all the ladies you know. Text them, facebook them, twitter this, blog this, share this any way you can.

Lets help make massage affordable!!

Do you have any unanswered questions?
Check out the FAQ Page, first.

Do you live in Staunton? Are you interested? Shoot me an email:


Let me know what you think! Leave a comment :D

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