STAUNTON PARTY (my first Staunton, Virginia event listing post: Jan 2013)

Welcome to Staunton Party! The January Edition
(A new section for fun Staunton events & opportunities to enjoy local businesses–yay.)

Creeper-me found this awesome picture of Meghan--starter of (h)our economy and builder of tiny houses--with a friend of hers on her Facebook page.

On Tuesday I joined (h)our economy: a barter system in Staunton. Such a great group of people!

((Awesome hippie people who make amazing foods and build tiny houses–heck yeah!))

advertisement I designed for the occasion: Jan 27

Naked Lady Party at 16 W on Beverly Street.
Last Sunday of the month (Jan 27) at 3 o’clock pm. Bring stuff, get stuff. It’s a party! Bring as many (or as few) items as you want, take home as many items (or as few) as you want.

((It’s called a Naked Lady Party because everyone is drinking and trying on clothes and it’s all women–how fun is that??))

Be a fan Jan 29th

Rule 42 Workshop! Jan 29th at 6:30pm–make awesome and adorable paper fans. ((I’m going to bring colorful magazine pages!)) These workshops are always so much fun. Find out more details and RSVP on the Rule 42 website.

Vote for the Best of the Shenandoah Valley!
Fill out the Best of Virginia Survey and vote for all your favorite local businesses.
((Rule 42, Stone Soup, Blackfriars, Retro&Me….))

Also, at the end when they ask for suggestions please let them know they need a section for massage therapist and photographer so we can support more businesses!!

Share with your friends! The more the merrier.

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Any funky, fun, artsy, women-friendly events you’d like me to mention?
Let me know!!


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