Thankful Thursday: Jan 10th

What I’m Grateful For Jan 10th
💠Mom and I had Mockingbird’s AMAZING creme brûlée, RIP

💠Sold 28 cards at Art for Gifts

💠Danced with Pablo at the Judy Chops show at Mockingbird (RIP)

💠Modeled for Pam at Beverly Street Studio

💠Lunch and photoshoot with Heather

💠Talked with Becca about Turtle Lane

💠Gave Dawn a massage

💠Brunch with Melissa, Josh, and mom

💠Year-of-Massage idea inspired by Leonie Dawson who says: “give it away”

💠Did the window with Becca at Turtle Lane

💠Transformed Turtle Lane into: “The Turtle” a funky-fresh, artsy-chic boutique ((the front half anyway–we are still working hard! Come check out our progress!!))

💠Met hippies at (H)our Economy and got more inspired

20130110-104755.jpgphoto of me by Heather

I am thankful for Heather’s awesome interview and how fast she put it on her blog :)
We had so much fun having lunch at Mockingbird and then a quick photoshoot in the cold.
((Also, secret time: I had just bleached my hair–part 1 of 2–and it was yellow so I didn’t take off my hat, haha.))

Heather is a fantastic photographer and so sweet and happy. A joy to work with and I am so happy to be getting to know her.

((You should definitely get her to do your pictures. Yes.))
20130110-104841.jpgphoto of my cards by Heather

Valentines coming soon (Jan 14) to a theatre near you….
By theatre I mean etsy shop.
Or Turtle Lane (yay!!) You can get a sneak preview on my ArtisticDrama Facebook Page, soon!

Anything exciting going on with you this week?


Let me know what you think! Leave a comment :D

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