Thankful Thursday: January 17th & Transformation of the Turtle

20130117-174753.jpgWhat I Am Thankful for This Week: January 17th, 2013
­čÉ╝Cleaned my office

­čÉ╝Watched Lincoln with mom and really like Daniel Day Lewis, now.

­čÉ╝Gave mom a massage

­čÉ╝Worked at Rule 42 and met a girl who is a fan of my artwork :) ((felt like a celebrity!))

­čÉ╝Massage and spa day with the Dieterlys and Heidi

­čÉ╝Transformed Turtle Lane

­čÉ╝Pizza and Buffy slumber party with Tj

­čÉ╝Warm, sunny weekend

­čÉ╝Golden Globe slumber party at Peggy’s

­čÉ╝Went out to lunch with Becca and finished work on Turtle Lane.

((When you come by on Saturday for the Beverly Street yardsale and a massage, it should be totally and completely revamped.))

20130117-174823.jpgI have also now posted my Valentines on etsy. They are only $5 each.

There are some designs exclusively available downtown at Turtle Lane ((yet another reason to come check it out!))20130117-183633.jpg2 new windows for Turtle Lane20130117-183641.jpgTop row: Before
Bottom row: After20130117-183854.jpgLeft side: Before
Middle and Right side: After

I hope you had a great week! What was the best thing you did this week?


Let me know what you think! Leave a comment :D

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