Meet the Classic Artist: Toulouse Lautrec

Today’s classic artist is Toulouse Lautrec.

Did you know that he had something happen to his legs so that his upper body developed normally but his legs stayed really short? 20130124-210057.jpg20130124-210050.jpg20130124-210127.jpg20130124-210120.jpg20130124-210133.jpg20130124-210140.jpg20130124-210113.jpg20130124-210106.jpg20130124-210207.jpg20130124-210215.jpg20130124-210201.jpg20130124-210228.jpg20130124-210237.jpg20130124-210242.jpg20130124-210249.jpg20130124-210254.jpg20130124-210259.jpg20130124-210304.jpg20130124-210310.jpg20130124-210315.jpg20130124-210336.jpg

20130124-210350.jpgthe artist's signature.

You can find more of his work here and at your local library.

4 thoughts on “Meet the Classic Artist: Toulouse Lautrec

    1. It was so wonderful to see photos of him and see how truly wonderful he was. I love his really famous works but the ones I had never seen before I loved even more. Especially the one with the couple in bed. He had a very casual&daring approach to life, it seems, and I love that in his work.

      1. Yes, the one of that couple in bed is absolutely wonderful! So sweet and gentle and intimate. I’ll have to look up some of those photos!

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