Thankful Thursday: January 31st, 2013


Welcome to the last day of January!!
The past couple of days it’s some happily-drunk angel has been up in heaven having the grandest time:
“I think 34 degrees….
And now 65 degrees and sunny!
And now same temperature but: rain….wait, no rain….ok, RAIN!
Stop raining.
Lets have it be 25 degrees, again!!
Doot dee doo!!

Things I Am Grateful For Jan 31st, 2013
Began researching constellations
Felt good to be making art, again.

Becca and I had calzones after I modeled
We also got all the Christmas stuff organized upstairs at Turtle Lane!

Made a super awesome lunch:

    Mac and cheese from a box with cream cheese instead of milk and butter. Added tuna. Sautéed garbanzo beans and onions in olive oil. Stirred in the beans and added a little curry powder.

Divine. I love cooking and don’t do it enough!

Got stuff organized to take to the Naked Lady Eco swap!
Finally organized the hallway give-away pile!!
The swap was amazing: great food, amazingly cool people– so much fun👽
Watched the SAG awards and ate popcorn at Peggy’s

Met with Meaghan and had tea at Cranberry’s. She gave me wonderful advice and we just had a great time talking.
In the evening I worked on water-coloring constellations! Felt great to get my paints out!!

Gave Candi a massage
Finally tried on the clothes from the Eco-swap and really liked a lot of them.
Water-coloring on the front porch.
Melissa came over and we had a spontaneous Etsy-clothing model session.
In the evening went to Rule 42 and made pretty flower fans with a great group of ladies.
Time with TJ.

Did some cardio yoga for weight-loss
Ate cucumber and tomato sandwiches with Melissa
We went to the SPCA and spent time with the animals.

Even got to hold Chantal: the cat who dreams of being a triangle. She is the best lap kitten. (Someone should go adopt her!!)

In the evening I watched Restless, a Gus Van Sant film about a boy who falls in love with a girl who has cancer. It’s gorgeous!!


Did you have any fun adventures this week? Anything you wanna share/celebrate in the comments? Please do!

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Let me know what you think! Leave a comment :D

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