Tah-Dah Tuesday: Make Your Own Valentine Collage. Set of 82 Clippings.

Now available in my Etsy shop (www.ArtisticDrama.etsy.com ):
Make-Your-Own-Collage Kit: A Bundle of Creative Possibilities.

20130205-090755.jpgMake sexy, romantic, unique collages with this set of 82 clippings.
Get inspired, have fun! 20130205-090745.jpgAlso great for any mixed-media craft or scrapbooking! 20130205-090805.jpg

Only one set available.

Was $20, now $15.
An amazing deal for 82 pieces as you can make a whole bunch of valentines with that many pieces!!

Buy before Saturday, Feb 8th to ensure time for arrival and time to make some awesome valentines before the big day!!

Purchase right online at www.ArtisticDrama.etsy.com .

Let me know what you think! Leave a comment :D

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