Thankful Thursday: February 7th, 2013

1.making magnets, 2. Becca, 3. make your own collage kit available on Etsy, 4. me, hiding in bed, 5. quote about desire by Philip Milito

Just gonna be honest and say that my SAD has been active lately so I have not been having the best time.

But, there’s always something to be grateful for! It’s so good to do these lists to look back and see that you really are having a good life.

Things I Am Thankful for February 7, 2013
Cardio, cucumber and tomato sandwiches, SPCA with Melissa, and the movie Restless

Got together with Heather and gave her a massage. Had a great time talking with her! Modeled, Becky bought 10 cards.

Finally made my way down to the RR Smith center ((my cards are officially available there!)) Gerry gave me a massage!! Went to Stone Soup. Saw Argo.

Organized the seasonal inventory with Becca at Turtle Lane

Rearranged my bedroom
Hung out with Tj and watched Groundhog Day and Buffy.
Ate pizza

Talked to Nada! She’s coming to visit in June from Italy!!!!! And then we might travel together to CA. Yay!!
Lots of ideas.
Ran into Heather!

Shopping with mom. Bought lots of fun things to eat.
Went to the pet store to look at the puppies.

Walked downtown with mom
Stopped in at Sunspots and met the potter who works there (Hilary) –it was her birthday!
We went to the car wash
((Just nice to have mom time.))

A Few Announcements
You can still sign up for A Year of Massage through the end of February.
($35/month for 1 hour massage every month of the year)
I have valentines available in my Etsy shop . And also downtown at Turtle Lane.
Sale tomorrow! All valentines $4! (Free shipping)
My Make-Your-Own Valentine kit will only be $8!
Shop and save and show your love!
My blank Valentine cards are awesome, romantic, and not cheesy!!

What awesome things were you up to this week? In what ways have you been blessed?


Let me know what you think! Leave a comment :D

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