Thankful Thursday: February 14, 2013

1.photoshoot with David, 2.walking with Becca downtown, 3.making valentines

1.kissy valentines,, word for the year: OUTWARD

1.stickers now for sale at Turtle Lane, 2.selling original collages (will post on Instagram, find me at ArtisticDrama), and 3.a lovely thank you card from Ethiopia for supporting lunapads. ( helps girls be able to go to school even when they have their periods)

What I Am Thankful For This Week (Feb 14th)
•Haircut after 7 months

•Yummy dinner (warm 2 flour tortillas. On one, put cheese and chicken thigh pieces. On the other, put mayonnaise and roasted red pepper slices. Smash together and voilà!)

•Watched Julie Julia with mom

•Photoshoot with David. Such a fun adventure in the woods.

•Went to Baja with Becca and had a wonderful conversation

•Kristine bought a valentine card

•Gorgeous day

•Had fun researching the spleen (how many girls can say THAT?)

•Had a awesome “daddy date” with Todd. We got pizza at Shen Pizza and milkshakes at Split Banana

•Did chair massages at Turtle Lane

•Breakfast with the sunset girls!!

•Watched Buffy with Tj

•Dinner at his parents and Mr and Mrs Smith. I love that movie!!

•Made stewed pears with mom

•Ordered magnets!!

•Modeled for Greg, Mary, and Emerson. All people I like a LOT. Especially Mary. I adore her.

•Detox and jasmine oil

•Turtle Lane, again. (Good for the soul)

•Hour economy meeting! We are on the news NBC29 the barter system. You can look it up.

•Interview with Blue Ridge Life for their article about Hour Economy

•Mom gave me peacock blue sheets which are luxurious and gorgeous.

•Watched 10 Things I Hate About You

If you are free tonight, you should come! And if you bring your valentine we won't hurt you....promise. Also, they are playing When Harry Met Sally at the Visulite tonight. That's number 2 on my list of favorite romantic movies.

What happy things did you do this week?


Let me know what you think! Leave a comment :D

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