Tah-Dah Tuesday: Meet Mincing Mockingbird’s Matt Adrian

Super excited today to introduce you to the mastermind behind The Mincing Mockingbird on Etsy.

His bird illustrations are fantastic and his titles are mind-blowingly awesome.

((“Oh, It’s Nothing A Wave Of Nausea And A Total Nervous Collapse Won’t Fix”, “The Secret Society Of French-Canadian Girls”, “Bound Together By The Cowardly Satisfaction Of A Half-Finished, Easy Crossword”….))
Name: Matt Adrian
Age: 39
Where do you live: California’s central coast
What do you do:

I am a full time artist.

How long have you been on Etsy?

I joined in late 2006, but didn’t list my first item until spring of 2007.
How did you decide to start?

My wife’s friend told her about it, and said it looked pretty cool. I checked it out and thought it would be fun.

It was definitely just for laughs at the beginning, and it has grown bigger than I ever imagined.
When did you start really making sales?

I made sales right away, and put an incredible amount of work into interacting with the Etsy community, which was quite small at the time. It was nowhere near what it is like today.
What motivates you?

I have a tagline for my shop: Pretty/funny.

I love nature, beauty, science – but I’m also very into comedy, as evidenced with my Troubled Birds and the titles of my fine art paintings.
Who inspires you?

My wife, who is extremely talented and funny (her Etsy shop is The Frantic Meerkat).

I’m also inspired by my Etsy “peers” who I’ve been able to see grow into incredible painters, illustrators, quilters, and all-around successful entrepreneurs. Those early connections have really paid off in terms of a support network and deep friendships.
How do you define success?

To me success in any creative industry is connection.

It’s certainly been the most satisfying element to this whole journey.

Money is nice, but only in regards to making it easier to connect to people who get what you do.
What has been the most important key to your success?

My wife. I’m extremely lucky to have someone in my corner that has supported me in every way. Without her innate business savvy, I’d be in trouble.
How do you promote your shop?

To be honest, I don’t promote the shop as much as I used to. We have our own website (www.mincingmockingbird.com) as well as a well-established wholesale part of the business, so sometimes Etsy gets neglected a bit.

Relisting often – and at the right time – is important, especially now that Etsy has grown into such an immense thing.
If you had to start over what would you do differently?

Learn to take better product photography earlier. So important.
What do you do when you are feeling low or unmotivated?

I get out and go hiking, or drive to the ocean.

I’ve found you can’t beat fresh air and solitude if you want inspiration to strike.
Thank you so much, Matt! You sound like an awesome guy and I also love your wife’s work, too. You guys must be the coolest couple, ever!
I am now inspired to incorporate funny quotes from my life into the titles of my work. And I am happy you emphasized how important it is to just have fun!!

I wish you continued success. Thank you for taking the time to give a little insight into your world.
Again, you can find his work here and here.

Joy Boardman

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2 thoughts on “Tah-Dah Tuesday: Meet Mincing Mockingbird’s Matt Adrian

  1. I hope that you can help! I bought one of Matt Adrian ‘s prints directly from The Frantic Meercat, but the title was not sent with it. Their website is not responding due to the vacation on which he and Kim are during the holidays. The print is on your site, however, so I hope that you might know the title. It is the rather frazzled black bird head which is at the top of your site, below your comment announcing Matt ‘s presence (“Tah dah! Come meet…”)
    I would be very grateful if you could find the time to respond. Thank you very much. (Your own site looks very interesting!)

    1. Hi, Sue! It was a tough one to track down but thankfully research is my specialty :)
      I found the title on Pinterest: “The Unsung Magnificence of Half-Remembered Songs”
      Thank you for taking the time to comment on my blog :) have a lovely day!!

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