Thankful Thursday: Feb 28, 2013

My life has kinda been taken over by awkward bunnies, lately. With a brief pause to display my magnets for sale at the Smith Center gift shop, and to do one of the windows at Turtle Lane.

What I Was Thankful for This Week, Feb 28
All day was great!

Interviewed Dawn (she’ll be featured on my next Tah-Dah Tuesday)

Modeling went well, the pain is balanced by the friendly people.

Playtime with Becca: we moved the knit stuff!! (Knitware clearance going on now at Turtle Lane)

Made awkward bunnies

Matted my collages. They look spiffy!

Listened to Wait Wait

Went to the symphony with mom and Melissa and fam.

Beautiful weather

Lovely moon

Watched Oscars and ate popcorn

Another pretty day.
Met with Gerry. We had a lot of fun chatting.

Did the window at Turtle Lane

Hung out with Becca and Tj

Modeled in the evening

Made more bunnies.

Kind of a magical day.

Massage for Candi. She fell asleep!

We brainstormed after which I love doing.

Lunch with mom at Cranberries. The most healthy yummy fun.

Evening with T.

Made deviled eggs with mom

Gave Janie a massage and she was super relaxed. Spent whole hour on neck and back work (my favorite)

TOMORROW IS MARCH! How did this happen?

(Left to right) Top row: Ruth Ann, Harriet, Grace, Lawrence Bottom row: Mildred, Elliot, Chloe, and George
Awkward Bunnies:
Ruth Ann loves to gossip.
Harriet is an emotional eater.
Grace always has to be right.
Lawrence has problems with commitment.
Mildred wears glasses and has a lisp.
Elliot is afraid of life.
Chloe is too short.
And George is emotionally unstable.

For sale on etsy Awkward Bunnies, great for Easter. Only $5!:
And available for purchase in person at Turtle Lane!

((Lawrence, Mildred, and Ruth Ann have sold))

what awesome things did you do this week that made you smile?


Let me know what you think! Leave a comment :D

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