Thankful Thursday: March 14


So, I kinda went into hiding.

The last 2 weeks before the time change were super depressing for me.

And the whole “autosave” feature on WordPress mobile drives me a bit bonkers.

((When I try to upload photos it autosaves every 2 seconds and then cancels the photo))

So I took a break.
Emotional suicide. True story. So I came back.


And the days are longer now. Hallelujah. I so need the sunshine!

what I’m thankful for this week (March 14th)
children's art, snow, Allison who sent me photos of my art in her house
making collages, marketing for hour economy, Sunday drive with the bunnies, making chicks
pink hair, spring collages, melting pastel mints.

Played in perfect snow with my partner in crime.
The snow was soft and great for snowballs, fort making, snow angels, and fights.
I even stuck my face right down into the snow.

Did my taxes
Modeled for David
Made a bunny named Wilbur

Listened to Wait Wait
Chair massages at the Turtle
Store is looking good!
I organized the jewelry

Got to be a welcome person at church
Gave my grandma a massage
Spent time with Tj
Beautiful, sunny day

Officially part of the steering committee for Hour Economy (a barter system in Staunton, Waynesboro, &Augusta county)
Hugs from my mom

Walked with T
Did a hard cardio workout
Made collages and a chick named Lucy
Seeing Meghan and Becca at the Hour Economy meeting

Great day with mom
Lots of shopping
Felt satisfied at the end of the day: I gave it my all.

This deal ends at the end of March so if you live in Staunton please take advantage by emailing me at .

For you guys not in Staunton: please use the coupon code:
to receive 25% off any order from my etsy shop: .

Staunton event. Open house at Turtle Lane.
I’m bringing the punch 😎

And finally: the WalkingDead app is awesome.
This is Tj and I from Halloween only now we are zombies. How fun!!

❤Much love,

Please lemme know what fun stuff you’ve been up to in the comments!! What’s your favorite kind of ice cream?


Let me know what you think! Leave a comment :D

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