Tah-Dah Tuesday: Interview with Dawn Nay of Rule 42 in Staunton, Va

20130411-135353.jpgDawn Nay- Owner of Rule 42

How do you define success?
Being happy with what you are doing and inspiring other people.
At the end of the day you are happy with what you’ve done.
20130411-135240.jpgWhat would you say you do?
I get to paint furniture and if people buy stuff, that’s great!20130411-135248.jpgThe space is inspiring.

How did you get started?
Painted things for my own house.
Built up confidence: others liked what I did.
Had more time when moved to VA and practiced different techniques.
The house started getting full and we thought about renting a space.
Now I have a shop with studio space!
My husband Mike is very supportive.
Painting furniture is my dream. I don’t get tired of it.

I see it as: Cast off things being REDEEMED.
How long have you been doing this?
15 years. My first piece was a chest of drawers for my daughter Victoria when I was pregnant. It was a red cabinet so that was the initial name of my business.
I started in my own house, then did pieces for friends, then had a space in an antique store in NV.

Why did you name your business Rule 42?
We say weird things to our kids.
It’s from Alice in Wonderland. The queen says Alice can’t be in the court because she’s too big according to Rule 42 (a made up rule)
It’s become our way of saying: “Because I said so.”

What is your motivation in your business?
The process and the finished product. I like to hold up the hardware and envision the outcome. I work towards what I see in my mind.
I even paint more when I go home.
What are some past jobs you held before owning your own business?
Worked for an Internet company that sold infant and toddler shoes. I had to open boxes and shop stuff.
I learned all about placing wholesale orders.
I also have worked in accounting.

What inspires you?
Colors and patterns. People’s outfits, prints on notebooks, fabric, Anthropologie, Pottery Barn

20130411-135614.jpgWhat do you think has been the key to your success?
Support from my family. My husband has a different mind and he is able to motivate me and help with marketing. He is very helpful. He has never treated this as a burden or ever complained. He is my business partner.

Describe the early beginnings of your shop:
I had to do a lot of self-promotion. Tip: A social setting helps makes that more natural.
To open we threw a party!
20130411-141342.jpg&All the party people got to sign the couch!

What would you do differently?
I don’t have any real regrets. No “oh-no” moments. The SCCF (Staunton Creative Community Fund) helped me be thoroughly prepared with research.

What do you do when you are feeling low?
Take a break.
Get out and get ideas.
Step away. Look at magazines.

Give us a word of advice:
Remember not everyone will like what you do. You won’t appeal to everyone. Don’t get defensive! Look for what’s useful.
Get past any obstinance and listen.


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