2013 So Far: Completed Goals

2013 Goals Accomplished So Far!
New crafts
Reading dates with TJ
Visit animals at SPCA
Blog about lesser-known artists
Read more Tim Ferris books
Interview Dawn
Have art at RR Smith center & Stone Soup
Make journals and magnets
Advertise on Yes&Yes, etsy, & Facebook
Sell at least 25 cards (sold 33 in Jan….Feb: 21 cards, 1 original, 7 magnets, 3 stickers, and 3 bunnies)
Involved in events (!!)
Practice French and Spanish
Photoshoot with Heather, David, and Josh
Decorate envelopes
Make business connections
Feel accomplished and legit
Be requested (!!)
Have steady clients (I have 6+!!)
Dance sexy tango
Have someone help me write descriptions on etsy (thank you, Hour Economy!)
Make cinnamon rolls for breakfast

Expression for the year: Joyful Exuberance

Success for me is:
Getting involved(!!)
Meeting people
Having adventures
Feeling satisfied at the end of the day
Being inspired
Feeling free and creative
Paying my rent


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