Things Not Yet Done: 2013 Goals

Goals for this summer and fall:
Learn stick shift
Learn self-defense
Ride a bike (re-learn)

Make tea blends
Make Popsicles
Make soap
Make patchwork quilt
Bake a pie
Scrapbook travel photos

California road trip (lie under Sequoias)
Night picnic on the beach
Go to an observatory
Find lowest and highest spots in the state and visit
Go to Natural Bridge safari
Visit Woodstock, VA (craft road trip!)
Floydfest (with a friend)
One weekend a month on the road

Plant a tree for all children
Plant a shade garden
Window boxes full of flowers
Butterfly garden
Tomato plants
Sleeping porch

Friend things:
Costume party
Ice cream and rootbeer party
Dance in the moonlight
Chalk poems on the sidewalk
Buy Bridesmaids & watch with Melissa
Cocktail craft party
Picnic with bread and wine and poetry
Picnic with lobster salad and champage
Elegant PJ party (Great Gatsby-esque)

Just Fun:
Re-read Chronicles of Narnia
Write Greek alphabet
Send flowers
Hang out with Chase
Furniture from an auction with Dawn

Just Do It Already (ALWAYS on the list):
Get a tattoo
Make a poetry book
Abs (the ones you can’t miss)
Go to the dentist
Buy neem oil

Make a catalogue
Be part of a farmers market
Post ads on campus and downtown
Sell originals
Carry business cards at all times

Super important winter goal:
Be warm in the winter
Take a 6-week paid vacation

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