But Really: Another Writing Assignment

with thanks again to Alexandra Franzen

By day, I’m a massage therapist & an artist. But really? I’m a sunshine-absorber, manic-pixie girl who just wants to be lazy-comfy and dance around a lot.

People think of me as a quirky girl who is uninhibited. But really? I love to be introspective and have deep conversations. If you tell me your secrets, I will tell you mine.

I’m irritated at myself for running away from emotional situations I find intimidating. But really? I’ve been hurt a lot and I am very vulnerable and I have to respect that and allow myself to be shy. The right man will stick around and take the time to know me, flaws and all.

I promised myself I’d start buying grown up things like my own place and a car. But really? I want to save to travel and live overseas. It sucks to see money sucked away by bills.


Let me know what you think! Leave a comment :D

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