So That Happened: Review of May 2013

May 2013

Cleaned up the path my mom walks every morning.
Modeled for Josh Kamikaze (and was once again impressed by his wonderful eye: he made me feel pretty and comfortable and interesting….isn’t that what every girl wants!
Modeled for Jeffrey and gave him an eraser :) he gave me a drawing!
Designed Thank You cards for SCCF (I can put that in my portfolio!)

Was asked several times if I was in high school….
Had blue hair!

Made pizza with Trader Joes dough
Hung out with Melissa and got crafty
Made crayons!

Watched 10 Things I Hate About You and The Little Mermaid
Took cute photos of mom and grandma

Met Sarah Gurtler and we practiced our Spanish

Talked to Chris at SCCF about my business

Mom and I went shopping for Vanessa (people always buy baby stuff so we bought new-mom stuff)
Made mom a beautiful aromatherapy neck pillow for Mother’s Day

Went to the HotSpot for my first time (hello AB!)

I met Ros!! And Tony!!

Started rolling my shoulders back for better posture
Did chair massages at Rule 42 for Mother’s Day
Biscotti watched Buffy & Angel with TJ and I. He’s adorable.
Made cinnamon roll waffles!
Cut a lot of my hair off in a hormonal moment…. :(
Started making abstract collages
Went to Marinos after the Hour Economy potluck (fun watching happy people play their instruments)

Watched Great Gatsby in 3-D and had to retract all the bad stuff I said about 3-D movies.

Melissa and I had gelato and sorbet at the Split Banana
Vanessa had a BABY at 6:28 AM on May 17th.

My mom weighs less than 186 now & I am so proud of her!
Went to Monticello and Tufton farm for a plant party

Saw Jeffrey’s artwork at Oxeye

Danced my butt off with Becca at Staunton Jams and then walked around with Tony
Celebration Sunday at church with Amanda
House Decor swap and then Amanda helped me organize all of my craft stuff
Had my hair fixed

Did breath work with Elle which was a unique experience
Had a picnic with Tony

Danced sexy tango with Pablo after a mini dinner party

Studied Spanish and French
Saw a huge rainbow from the porch off of my office

Sold a set of 6 gift certificates for massages

Was contacted by Alls Well to start working there while Laura is on maternity leave

Sat in on a city hall meeting about establishing bike safety in Staunton

Spent time with TJ and went to the park

Started drinking almond milk with protein powder every morning within 30 min of waking up. I’ve lost pounds already….oh, Tim Ferris: I love you.
More dancing with Pablo and also soccer and pink champagne with orange sherbet….amazing.
Art in the park with Amanda, Tony & Pablo. Saw David and Josh and Greg and just had a grand time in the sunshine. :D

Goodwill run (yay for new shorts) with Amanda and then more cleaning and art making.

Tony brought me surprise raspberry pie!

Saw Loves Labours Lost at Blackfriars.

Worked at Alls Well
Made my “Lets Get It On” pasta with homemade sauce.
(Thought of writing a cookbook called “Sexy Cooking for One”)

Went to Stone Soup with my mom and had a most excellent meal. They really know what they are doing there.

Picked up car from Tracy for pet-sitting.

Went to Newtown and AVA and said goodbye to Pablo (he’s going to Mexico for 10 days)


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