What Do You Really Want To Do With Your Life: Business Writing Exercise

Alexandra Franzen writing exercise.

1. What would you be willing to do — all day long — if someone paid you $1,000 a day?

I would be willing to consult people about their health. I would be willing to travel and scope out cool places people should go and places they should eat. I’d be willing to be a kind of private tour guide.

2. What would someone reasonably pay you $100 an hour to talk about?

Traveling overseas by yourself. Starting a business from scratch. Taking care of your body by eating healthy.

3. What’s one lesson you’ve already learned — through lived experience, research, travel, training, or some combination thereof — that would conceivably be worth $10,000 — in saved time, money, energy & misery — to somebody else?

Pay for things in a balanced way when you are overseas with another person. Use AirBnB. Don’t waste time planning where you will eat overseas. It doesn’t matter where the 5 star places are: go based on recommendation and follow your nose.

There are certain parts of the body which are more important to massage than others because they will release the larger muscles.

Figure out what makes you feel resentment in your job and fix that. Do you need 24-hr notice before a client comes? Do you hate earning so little for one thing you sell? Maybe you should sell a set of six!

4. Got a mentor or hero**? Someone who’s cruising down the track you want to be on? What would YOU pay them $1,000 to learn, right now? How about $500? $100? $50?

How to move overseas. How to live in a tiny house. How I can get my hands on an airstream and travel cross country with my massage business.

5. A mysterious benefactor drops off a check for $3,000 on your doorstep, with a hand-written note. It says:

“I’d like to spend the weekend with you. We can do anything you want — anywhere in the world. The only rule is that you have to help me solve a problem — any problem. And I want to leave in noticeably better condition than when I arrived.”

OK, so … what are you going to do with your mysterious benefactor?***

We will go to Spain and over tea I will teach them how to live a life they actually will enjoy.

** To somebody else, YOU are that mentor / hero. So this question is really about YOU.
*** Hint: whatever it is, it’s probably your one-of-a-kind genius, your most useful talent, and a big slice of your life’s work.

….your turn!!

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