My mission statement for the rest of 2013

Absolute Activate Aerial BIG
Bombastic Clarion Complexity
Courage Creation Decadent
Devotion Exquisite Finesse
Force Gray Gold Hope Insight
Intimacy Kinetic Light Liminal
Lounge Marvel Mystery Neon
Partnership Peace Precision
Proof Pure Righteous Rowdy
Sensuality Serendipity Shadow
Simplicity Sorcery Sparkle Sugar
Trouble Trust Virtuoso Visibility
Vital Vivid Volcanic Winsome
Wild Wicked Yowza! Zen

Picking words I really love from that list and then defining them, I’ve come up with this mission statement.

For the rest of this year:
I want to live a life of Sparkling Visibility with my Exquisite Creations.

I want to live a life of Wild Sensuality and Lively Simplicity.

Eventually along the way I want to discover Vivid Intimacy.

What this all means:

Sparkling Visibility: shining, being seen, flashes of wit

Exquisite Creation: bringing in to existence beautiful and intensely felt things

Wild Sensuality: unrestrained and enthusiastic enjoyment and expression

Lively Simplicity: easy to understand and natural activity; full of exciting energy, outgoing; buoyant and responsive.

Vivid Intimacy: powerful feelings which are private, cozy, fulfilling; pleasing familiarity

what about you?

Let me know what you think! Leave a comment :D

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