Birthday Week: looking at the past year


Lessons learned the past year:
It’s better to really give than to “discount” and then feel resentment.

Always get terms in writing ahead of time for big projects

It’s good to really get to know guys before thinking about dating them

Firm mattresses are better than soft ones

It’s important to care for my body when I am caring for so many other bodies

People will still love you even with weird hair

A great way to really get to know someone is to interview them

It’s important to repeatedly inform your heart & mind that you will NOT be getting back together with someone

Dreams that came true:
Dyed hair pink and then blue and then purple

Successfully hosted my first party

I know myself more because:
I helped Becca transform her shop

I joined Hour Economy

I was transformed by:
Graduating from Brcc

Helping Becca

Joining Hour Economy

Modeling for Jeffrey’s class
I let go of:
Tj and Chase

I am happy because I:
Felt included

Expanded my business

Made great new, supportive friends

What I discovered about myself:
I am good at marketing

I do like camping

I feel lonely easily

2012 led me to:
Present my products more effectively

Explore new venues

Learn more about my ideal customers and clients

Experiment with new ideas: hello, awkward bunnies!!

I’m proud of myself for:
Having my first yardsale

Teaching my first workshop

Being part of my first craft fair

Being included in my first art show

Dying my hair radical colors

Making more in half a year than I made all of last year

Making new friends and learning how to reach out



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