Wordy Wednesday: Dreams I’ve Had #2, Sean Connery


Dreams I’ve Had #2

Sean Connery was going to pay me $20/hr to keep him warm.

My mom and aunt Terri had a bet how warm I could keep him–mom said 98 degrees, Terri said 380 degrees. The real temp was 78 degrees so mom won.

She said I needed a belt and happy meal clothes to stay warm. ((Great advice))

And then I was going to have to walk home but it was snowing and I didn’t have any shoes on.

They were making a movie called The Eye and Cthulhu (the eye of Sauron vs Cthulhu)

I was supposed to feel glamorous but I kept thinking I make more than $20/hr working for myself. I should be making $200 or $2000/hr–

I mean it is Sean Connery and he made me feel uncomfortable.


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