Holistic Help for Chronic Fatigue


Help for Chronic Fatigue
((Extreme fatigue which does not improve with rest))
This article was written for a woman in New Zealand who has been suffering with chronic fatigue for 3 years now.

Helpful Lifestyle Changes:
•Organic diet free of pesticides, preservatives, or added hormones

•Eat at regular time

•Eat largest meal at lunchtime

•Don’t drink with meals (if you need to, drink ginger tea which helps with digestion)

•Drink hot water throughout the day

•Take walks whenever you can

•Avoid going to sleep after 10pm (you’ll be even more tired than usual)

•Sleep with the top of your head facing east

•Heavy sweets, chocolate

•Ice cold drinks

•Heavy grains, wheat (may have gluten intolerance which makes fatigue worse)


•Potatoes,Tomatoes, Bell peppers

•Alcohol, caffeine

•Any dyes

(average American eats a pound of sugar a day: when people consume 100grams of sugar, or about a quarter pound, their immune system becomes sluggish and completely dysfunctional, which leads to fatigue.)


•Protein (demands a lot of energy to digest)
Eat lots of:
•Peaches, Apples
•A lot of soup and one pot meals (also, easier to prepare!)
•Salmon, tuna, mackerel
•Flaxseed, hempseed, chia seed
•Coconut milk, almond milk

•Black pepper


Add These Herbs:

Licorice (stimulates adrenals-try to take 2.5 gm)

Panax ginseng (not Siberian ginseng)

Co Q10
EFAs (fish oils and evening primrose oil)
Vitamin c
Beta carotene
B-complex vitamins
Orange, lemon, or grapefruit oil
Rosemary, basil, or geranium oil
Yoga is balancing and energizing and puts energy back into your system:
Forward bends soothe nervous system

Downward dog helps circulation

Supported fish

Legs up the wall (60 to 70% of CFS patients have neurologically mediated postural hypotension—which means their blood pressure drops when they’re standing and inversions are non-drug treatment for this)
Acupressure is very useful to boost your physical condition and to help you to cope with the tired, weak feeling of CFS.

One important acupressure point to use is called CV 6. ((CV 6 is also called the Sea of Energy.)) It is situated three finger-widths below the navel.

Close your eyes and relax, breathe deeply and hold on CV6 for two minutes. Pressing this point can also alleviate the dizziness and confusion sometimes experienced with this condition.

More acupressure information:

Accupressure for CFS

Self-acupressure for chronic fatigue.

Mudras for Chronic Fatigue:
Uttarabodhi Mudra—use when you feel physically and mentally listless, when you want to relax, or when you need a rousing idea—a flash of inspiration.
It strengthens the metal element associated with the lungs and large intestine. It strengthens inhalation, has a refreshing effect and has a direct relationship with the nervous system and anything that conducts electrical and or energetic impulses. No contraindications.

Fingers interlaced with thumbs and index fingers straight and together pressing on sternum and solar plexus.

Pushan Mudra—god of nourishment. Accepting and receiving with gesture on one hand and letting things go with other hand. Regulates the Autonomic Nervous system, mobilizes and detoxifies.

Right hand –tips of thumb, index finger and middle finger on top of each other, other fingers extended. Left Hand—tips of thumb, middle finger and ring finger together, others extended. Inhalation—take energy in form of light. Pause— spread light. Exhalation—let expended energy flow back to you.
Two more helpful links for dealing with chronic fatigue:
Housekeeping hacks for the chronically ill

Diet for chronic fatigue.

Let me know if this was helpful or if you have any questions! Also, if you have anything helpful to add don’t hesitate to leave a comment.


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