Wordy Wednesday: Dreams I’ve Had #3, The Weddings

Dreams I’ve Had #3

Vanessa was getting married and so was TJ. Vanessa and all of her bridesmaids were wearing camouflage dresses with pink lining and TJ had a super bushy beard.

I was supposed to make an announcement but no one would tell me what it was. Melissa hadn’t told me about the rehearsal dinner because I had looked “too tired.”

A toad, a baby octopus and a snake were coming out of the floor in my room. My mom picked up the baby octopus and it morphed into a tiny cat. The snake suddenly had two heads and then turned into two cats.
Then sour gummy worms started coming up out of my floor, too.

Super heights, green fridges, fake pancakes with real syrup, Melissa chasing me.


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