Holistic Help for Hypersomnia


There is so little helpful information for people who deal with this sleep disorder.

Hypersomnia is when you need to sleep all the time and you never feel refreshed.

20131010-151540.jpgNot enough research has been conducted to really help people suffering from this.

I’ve compiled my findings and I hope it can help a little.


Helpful advice from a personal account of hypersomia:

– Have a different alarm for every single day so that your brain doesn’t get used to it and tune it out.


– Try to get 9 to 10 hours of sleep a night; to most people it sounds ludicrous, but for someone with Hypersomnia, it’s a pretty good number to “feel” like you’ve gotten enough sleep but not so much that you wake up “drunk” or more tired than you were when you went to sleep.
– Coffee or tea are your friends if you have to be one of those morning schedule persons, but never drink any after 8pm at night. Or if you do, choose caffeine-free beverages.
– If you feel sleepy in the middle of the day, excuse yourself and go to the restroom. Try doing about 20 to 30 jumping jacks, which should raise your heart rate, your metabolic rate, and increase blood flow to your brain for a more alert feeling.



Great link for living with hypersomnia.

If you have any other helpful tips to share for dealing with this sleeping disorder, please leave a comment!
Thank you.

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