What I’m Building in 2014

20131207-123316.jpgthank you to Alexandra Franzen for the inspiration.

*In 2014, I am building:

A place to Find Encouragement & Uplifting Positivity
For successful women Devoted to a better life and better health

“Have Fun, Be Relaxed: You Can Do It.”

*This building — my body of work — will include a few very helpful offerings for the world, including:

•Massages: 2x a month &90-min sessions

•Simple Aromatherapy: space fizzies, coconut butter massage bars

•Collage Parties: with wine and friends

*In order to build what I want to build, I’ll need to release / remove a few things from my world, including:

•Helplessness (ask for help)
•Depression (reach out, be grateful)
•Overwhelm (one bite at a time)
•Procrastination (set timers)
•Clutter (get rid of things every month)

*Because what I really want to be known for is:

•Adding, not subtracting
•Laughing, not complaining
•Positivity, not criticizing
•Moving forward, not standing still

*When things start to feel overwhelming, I will keep it simple by reminding myself that my job is simply to:

Be generous.

*And by this time next year, I will be SO proud to have completed ONE big thing, which is:

Pay off my loans so I can be debt free!

And THAT is my plan for 2014.



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