A Joyful Year of Massage: Client Testimonials

"Signing up for a year of massages forced me to take time out of my busy schedule to focus on myself, at least one hour a month. Massage added another dimension to wellness by allowing me to relax and address the physical stress on my body. I reaped the benefits of more relaxed muscles while also learning about homeopathic remedies. I also gained a great friend!"

“Sign up for a year of massage not just for your benefit but for your loved ones as well…massage makes the world a happier place…

Also it keeps the body healthier,a reg.massage has helped me stay away from sinus infections. Used to get 3/4 infections a year and now I can’t remember when I’ve had one….massage helps you both mind and body.”


“My daughter really connects with her clients. She loves them and cares for them.

Her massages are gentle yet firm and effective. I’ve had excellent incentive to schedule and take advantage of her 90-minute treatments, which are heavenly.
I’ve committed to a year of massage to help her as well as myself.

Joy’s atmosphere is relaxing with aromatherapy and privacy. She knows her anatomy and holistic research. I trust her for body, mind and spirit. Her package deals make the commitment reasonable and regular scheduling has improved my stress relief and attitude.

Bravo! Well done! 100 stars! Do it!”
-Lynne (my momma, yay!)20131226-205544.jpg

“Joy provides a relaxing environment and knows her stuff in terms of technique. Most importantly for me, she is serious about massage as a personal therapeutic process – she listens to what I have to say about what is bothering me at the start of each session, and adapts what she’s doing to match. She’s great at this and it’s extremely helpful!”

“Getting a massage from Joy not only is relaxing, but she genuinely cares about her clients’ well-being. She makes it easy to forget the stresses of life. When I visit Joy, I feel like I’m visiting not only a massage therapist, but a good friend as well!”

“I scheduled a monthly massage with Joy and can’t tell you how delighted I am! I look forward to having her come to my home every month, set up her very comfortable table and turn on “ocean sounds” for relaxation. I have asked her to concentrate on my neck and shoulders which she has discovered is in much need of attention!

I highly recommend Joy for a wonderful experience in the personal surroundings of your own home.”

“My massage from Joy has become the highlight of my month. I look so forward to my massage that it becomes a way to push through busy days and difficult tasks. I tell myself, “Get through this and you will be one step closer to your special hour!” My body knows when it’s time for my massage, too. It tells me!

Joy has the kind of wonderfully intuitive touch that reads what your body needs. I would never give up my year of massage! I love it! I highly recommend the year of massage to anyone considering!”

“As a fitness professional, I understand the importance of taking care of our bodies.

As a single, working mother of two teen girls, I understand the importance of taking care of our peace of mind.

As a woman with diverse life experience, I understand the importance of taking care of our spiritual health.

MIND, BODY, SPIRIT….all of these are nurtured through massage. As a certified Personal Trainer, I counsel my clients on the importance of massage for relaxation, detoxification, myofascial release, workout recovery – overall general health. There is no substitute for the investment in our health to take care of our body. How you FEEL physically affects you every moment of every day.

And why do I recommend Joy Boardman to my clients? First of all, I have been going to Joy for massage for a few years and her massages are WONDERFUL!! She lives up to her name…she is a Joy! A beautiful and kind young woman!

Secondly, I love that she makes massage affordable by providing it in her home…the ambiance of her massage room is warm and cozy. She always does some sort of aromatherapy and relaxing music. It is my choice to chat during the massage or rest in silence as my body melts on the table! Joy takes special care to offer your preference of light massage, deeper tissue work, or a combination of techniques.

Finally, I feel refreshed, rejuvenated, and pampered after massage. The day after my massage, by body looks beautiful, as my muscles are elongated and I feel the benefits 100% in my body. (can I say that massage makes you look better naked?)

I would encourage you to invest in a year of massage with Joy…she is spectacular and her massages will make you feel awesome to the core!!”



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