Heck Yeah! Saying Farewell to 2013

2013: What a year!!

What a fabulous year this was. I made SO MANY new friends and consequently more than tripled my business. My word for the year was Outward and hallelujah it was a success. Here are some of the adventures I had in 2013.20131223-112132.jpg❄Survived being stranded on New Years Eve (spent night at Turtle Lane)

❄Said farewell to my favorite restaurant: Mockingbird

❄Decided to take my business in a new direction and created the Year of Massage (went from 3 clients to over 20!!)

❄Set my intention word for the year: "Outward" I wanted to be more connected and outwardly focused and WOAH, it so happened.

Also: organized and revamped the entire shop Turtle Lane in little over a month.
20131223-112139.jpg💗Made a lovely Carrot cake for my moms birthday

💗Made my first magnets

💗Created my first posters (and my lovely customer was so impressed that she framed hers and sent me photos)

💗Awkward bunnies were born!
20131223-112146.jpg🌟I joined Hour economy and started doing marketing on the steering committee for them

🌟I received my Associates Degree (finally)

🌟Wonder Woman became the mascot for Planet Joy

🌟I started making journals

Also: made friends with Tony and Ros, went to the planetarium with my mom
20131223-121930.jpg🙌😍Vanessa gave birth to a magical baby boy child with some killer good looks.😍🙌
20131223-112154.jpg🌈Started making crayons

🌈Cut my hair and dyed it blue

🌈Photoshoot with Josh Kamikaze

🌈Helped celebrate Dawns birthday

Also: worked at the Verona farmers market20131223-112202.jpg🎉⭐Sparkly 27th birthday party!! A lovely day and evening with wonderful friends. Many thanks especially to Melissa Dieterly who helped me so much with preparations. ⭐🎉
20131223-112208.jpg☀We grew a giant tomato

☀Church Downtown started in a movie theatre and I made a bunch of fabulous new friends

☀I became a magical woodland creature thanks to David Hanlon

☀Fun packaging ventures finally happened

Also: kissed an Argentinian and relearned how to ride a bike!
20131223-112215.jpg😎Amazing road trip with my Italian Rainbow, Nada. We went from San Francisco down to San Diego. I even got my first tattoo!! And a legit tan!!!!😎20131223-112224.jpg🍎🍏Many apple picking adventures with Amanda, Tj, Meghan, LeeAnn& her daughters. 🍏🍎
🎉Also celebrated Mary Echols' 88th birthday!20131223-112230.jpg👻I was Delirium for Halloween. I got to cover my arm in fake tattoos, too.

🎃Tj and I carved pumpkins and I made a kitty pumpkin I actually loved!

👻Amanda and I painted our faces as Sugar Skulls!!20131223-112237.jpg👾My family came to visit for Veterans Day. Even my cousin Eric!

👾I made my first mini-books!!

👾I designed Shakespeare magnets. (Coming in January....)

👾Created YOM 201420131223-112243.jpg🍙Melissa and i made giant rolls of rice! i mean sushi.

🍣Space rocks became a thing

🍙I decided this Christmas would be a lighter affair

🍣I chose the word "Improvement" for 201420131223-112251.jpg🍥Pastel holiday decorations this year

🍥New Grinch posters

🍥Gift certificates became available

🍥Mom and I made pretty beautiful gingerbread cookies20131223-112320.jpg
Also: I paid off one of my loans (only 5 to go!) and my mom lost over 100 lbs this year!! I'm SO proud of her.

See my crazy 2013 as a 30-second video.

Happy new year!!


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