Euphoria Friday: Things to Make You Smile, Week 5

20140130-183125.jpgRIP Colonel Meow

3 on the Interwebs:
(click) 20 fantastically amazing places in the world. I want to visit them ALL. Who wants to come with me?

Why Staunton, VA rocks and everyone should visit. (Click) You should seriously come see this adorable town I live in.

Looking for an engaging sermon? (Click) I go to an amazing church and if you’ve ever been curious about what the Visulite movie theatre is like on Sunday mornings, now you listen in and hear what Church Downtown is all about.
20140130-184718.jpgI've become obsessed with confetti.
20140130-184939.jpgI picked my two favorite word combinations and got "Kisses" and "Massage" as my meaning of life. Wickedly true!
20140130-184951.jpg"Princess Spike and her fawn" by Jenny Liz Rome20140130-185001.jpgPick one and do one every week!

On the blog: 20140130-182542.jpg
$140 for as many 30-min massages as you can schedule in February and March. (Click) You can’t beat that deal.

3 on etsy: 20140130-182926.jpg💕February: a month of romantic baths (click)20140130-182849.jpg💦This is the Bath of Aquarius (click)20140130-182751.jpg❄️Kick your SADness in the FACE. (With a bath) ((click))

️Also: TODAY (Jan 31st) is the last day of my pay-whatever-you-want sale on Etsy. Last chance!!⭐️


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