Euphoria Friday: Week 6 & Things to Make You Smile

20140206-090607.jpgThis week:20140206-090225.jpgI dyed my hair for February20140206-090243.jpgWe had a fabulous Indian food party at Maharaja in Charlottesville. (The picture is blurry and I love it.)

20140206-090700.jpgI got my first Graze box in the mail. If you like to snack, you should totally check out Graze.

Pretty (DIY beauty):
20140206-090550.jpgDIY rose and coconut body scrub20140206-090645.jpgDIY hair mask.

Shiny (DIY projects/gift ideas):
How cute is this free printable US jigsaw puzzle?

Super easy DIY seed paper! (just in time for spring)20140206-090558.jpgCutie pie coasters.

Yummy (DIY delicious):
Mint infused honey. You could do this with lavender or vanilla beans, too! Or rose petals!Definitely doing this for my tea party.

How to make drunk gummy bears. I’m thinking moscato gummies for my late spring Marie Antoinette party.

Homemade fruit roll-ups!20140206-090622.jpgThese look like pastel peppermint patties.

Sparkly (sites of awesome):
•My Poppet: an adorable crafty inspiration blog

Inspiration for bold and fearless living.

One of the happiest blogs on the internet.
20140206-090321.jpgLive with a purpose: discover your priorities by planning your ideal day.
Getting back to the simple things.

“We’re online so much that the number one place we look for inspiration is online instead of the world around us. Perhaps it’s easier to Google a tree than to put on your shoes, go outside and find a real one. But all studies show that happiness leans on these real moments.”


PlanetJoy: Otherworldy Massages for Women20140206-090330.jpg20140206-090303.jpgThere's still plenty of time to sign up for as many 30-min massages as you can squeeze into your schedule during Feb and March (only $140!)

Contact me: for more details.

I hope you had a great week! If you’ve discovered anything fun on the Interwebs this week, post it in the comments!


Let me know what you think! Leave a comment :D

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