Learning to tell it like it is in 2014.

I am….
an enthusiastic encourager, I am an art model and a yogi, I have crazy hair and I make cat noises like it is my job.

My super power is…

Feeling what a body needs, organizing massive amounts of information and condensing it down into bite-size chunks, understanding where people are coming from, and finding really odd/disturbingly funny things online to make people laugh

I want my business to be known for…

Making people smile, injecting happiness into people’s souls, and making people feel understood and cared about

I am doing this because…

It feels right. It helps me as much as it helps my clients, my clients become my friends, and I love making connections.

I wish to serve/help/delight…

I want to serve the over-stressed, help the homesick, and delight the delighted. I love working with smart, funny, positive people. Lovers of language and laughter.

Because i know that what they really want to feel is…
Accepted. Encouraged. Invigorated. Inspired.

The way i will do this is by…
Providing positive atmosphere, being willing to listen and to brainstorm, saying: “have you ever noticed…?” and “did you know….?”

Which is special/different/beloved because…
The world is full of so much drama and stress and perfectionism. We are becoming ungrounded with each “like” on Facebook–being pulled away from deeper connections. And we no longer give ourselves time to play, relax, and discover.

So my message/promise to the world is….

LIVE to the fullest. Get real. Feel things. Connect with your life and your inner self. Love. Love yourself and the people around you and don’t be afraid to go deep and be honest.

I can spread/amplify that message by…

Being myself. Not hiding away my weirdness. Being bold. Becoming invested in other people. Showing myself to be 4-dimensional.

And genuinely connect with my right people by…
Not being afraid to fly my freak flag and encouraging others to do the same. Our uniqueness is what makes us human and not robots.

We were meant for more.

this post was inspired by build a little biz's 11 questions post.

Want to work with me? Email me: JoyBoardman@gmail.com or join my PlanetJoyeaux Facebook page

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