Quick guide to improving your Gall Bladder meridian

20140317-142257.jpgGallbladder: courage and initiative 20140317-142109.jpgPeople who are timid, indecisive, and easily discouraged by slight adversity, are said to have a weak Gall Bladder

Decisive and determined people are said to have a strong Gall Bladder.20140317-142143.jpgYou can negatively influence your gallbladder by:
Holding onto resentment

The result:
Tension headaches, fatigue, discouragement

What if I don’t have my gallbladder?

You still have your gallbladder meridian.

Having the Gallbladder removed effects the ability to make decisions, this type of person can get overly concerned about small details and lose the big picture of things.
Quick dietary tips for strengthening your gall bladder meridian:

To release stagnation eat more:
•leafy greens

Drink more:
•apple, lemon, and ginger juice
•Dandelion tea
•nettle tea

eating sugar
fat consumption (and reduce oil)
late-night eating

20140317-142117.jpgFind even more gallbladder help here (just in time for spring!)


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