Quick guide to improving your heart meridian

20140318-095850.jpgBelonging to the element Fire, the Heart Meridian is associated with warmth, laughter and enthusiasm.

When balanced:

Tranquility, gentleness, emotional balance, spirit, love, integrity, optimism, emotional and spiritual growth, zest for life, control of thoughts and senses, conscience and wisdom.

Peak Hours: 11 am – 1 pm

20140318-095912.jpgBecomes distressed when you’re not following your heart but are doing something just “to pay the bills”

Physical Imbalances:
shortness of breath, cold feeling in the chest and limbs, palpitations, cold sweat, inability to speak, memory failure and restless sleep.

Emotional Imbalances:
The heart is the ruler of all emotions. Signs of imbalance include sadness, absence of laughter, depression, fear, anxiety, hysteria, erratic behavior, alternating joy and melancholy, dullness, yearning for love, jealousy and sorrow.

20140318-095920.jpgSince your heart meridian is related to anxiety:

Don’t drink any more coffee; green tea is much easier on your heart.

Also add Ginseng, currents, & corn into your diet.


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