Testimonial Time: Why My Clients Love 90-Minute Massages

I asked my adorable, wonderful clients why THEY love their 90-minute massage sessions with me. Here’s what they had to say.


“The extra 30 minutes makes a huge difference.

It seems that it takes my body and mind 60 minutes to completely let go.

The extra 30 allows my body to experience that much more relaxation and healing while all stress is gone.”


“I tried it because: if 60 was so great, 90 must be even better!

Makes a big difference – since starting them I haven’t experienced the pinched nerve in my neck that usually occurs every couple of months!

I would DEFINITELY recommend trying a 90 minute massage – it allows extra time to be spent on areas that need extra attention, plus it’s 30 extra minutes of JOY!”


“There’s nothing like a 90-minute refreshing. Joy is especially suited for thorough massage. I like how she gives a total experience.

I schedule one every month with her year of massage.

Time to really relax and renew.”


“I’d never had a 90 minute massage before and thought I’d treat myself to one.

What I loved about it was that I got to enjoy a full body massage, & actually have time to also work on problem areas a little more. 

If you’re having pain in a particular area and need some attention given to it, a 90 minute massage is the best way to do that.

It also allows for a longer relaxation period.

I LOVE them!”


If you would like to schedule a 90-min massage, feel free to contact me at joyboardman@gmail.com!

Let me know what you think! Leave a comment :D

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