Now you can wear your very own PlanetJoy space kitten t-shirt!!

Now available to purchase on Etsy: PlanetJoy space kitten long-sleeve t-shirt :)



TJ and I both have one (I actually designed the shirt with him in mind….I didn’t expect to fall wildly in love with the shirt, myself!!)

We wore them on the same day and it was ridiculously adorable.




The shirts are the COZIEST!! I seriously want to wear mine every day for the rest of my life….

I had them printed by and they do such a super fab job!!!!


I recommend them to everyone because the site is super easy to use (I picked them because I was able to do the entire design and ordering process right on my phone) and I will ALWAYS order from them because the shirts look soooooooo good.

So, you should buy one of these shirts. And love it. And take a picture of yourself in it! (Even better: buy another one for a friend and take silly twinsies photos like my best friend and I did!!)

All you have to do to buy a shirt is click this link!!

Let me know what you think! Leave a comment :D

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